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About the Downtown Deco District – Deco District
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Tulsa's Downtown Deco District Business Association

AKA the "Deco District"

The Deco District was formed to help give the participating businesses and properties a chance to pool their resources and their objectives to make a strong impact on their community, commerce, and municipality. If you would like to see who has become a part of this association, please click here.

Mission Statement

To cultivate a thriving residential & commercial community in Tulsa’s Downtown Deco District through events, district park expansion, new business, residential growth, & association.

Where Exactly is the Deco District

The Deco District goes from 1st street to 7th street, and from Cheyenne to Cincinnati in Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.

What Can the Deco District Do?
  • Provide marketing and promotional collaboration
  • Improve property occupancy
  • Develop and administrate programming and events in the Deco District
  • Network business opportunities throughout the district
  • Generate more customers, tenants, and residents in the Deco District
What kind of memberships are there and how do I join?
  • Associate: A Business Association’s primary purpose is to serve as a pooled marketing and promotions resource. With this membership, you can become a part of your district and stay up-to-date on everything going on, while having your name and details on our website as a proud member; all for only $45 a month.
  • Partner: Enjoy all the associate perks while becoming a part of our event planning committee by partnering with the Deco District with a $2,000 a year contribution. Your partnership grants you a voting voice, a seat on our board, and regular meetings with our team to plan and help execute the district’s events and growth.
  • Residential: Our district has thousands of residents, that have their own needs. These include such things as a neighborhood watch, recycling, and community activities. Our district has made a special membership to provide this board and these objectives for only $45 a year, per resident.
  • Gentry: We have a special membership and board designed exclusively for our district property owners. This “Gentry Board” acts as our fund advisory board, providing financial accountability for our 501(c)3 status. This also grants our Gentry board members the opportunity to give us their two cents, both literally and figuratively. To belong to the Gentry, each property owner must contribute $0.02 per gross sq. ft. of their properties. This contribution is what makes our programming and administration possible.

Tulsa’s Downtown Deco District extends from 1st to 7th Street, and from Cheyenne to Cincinnati.